Warriors For All the Marbles, Cavs to Stay Alive

The Cleveland Cavaliers avoided losing the title in game four at home in front of their home crowd, pulling off one of the most ridiculous scoring performances ever. Probably the most ridiculous one I've ever seen.  What they accomplished on Friday could never be repeated again, we'll just have to wait and see.

Game five goes tonight and they will look to do something similar to avoid losing the series. It will take another mammoth effort on their part as they are 8.5 point underdogs and it looks very unlikely that they can escape Oakland with a win tonight.

The Warriors are too good, the Cavs blew their wad on Friday night and I think things return back to normal tonight with a Warriors win. Sure, there is the chance that the Cavs get blown away tonight but I think it will be close. I think nerves will be tight on both sides and we'll see a more reasonable score.  I think we'll the total number of points scored dip under the 230.5 which is already ridiculously high.

LeBron will be shown the door tonight along with his Cavs teammates and the Warriors will retake their spot as best team in the NBA.

Warriors 115- Cleveland 106